We have built a strong reputation as a specialist supplier/installer of quality entertainment, comfort control and communication systems. Formerly known as AV Design, we have been designing and installing integrated both residential and commercial systems since 1986. During that time we have seen many changes and gained an unrivalled experience in this field. Ours is a highly experienced team capable of delivering bespoke solutions that will be enjoyed now and for years to come.

Our expertise covers all aspects of the ‘digital environment’, from the way essential services (lighting, temperature and security) are managed to the interaction with entertainment and communication systems. We aim to help you implement a system tailored to your preferences, lifestyle and property; a system that will excite and entertain in equal measure, place you in complete control of your home or workplace, ensure you stay exceptionally well connected and provide you with all the comfort and convenience these systems can offer.

Our strength lies in our ability to respond to your aims and ‘aspirations’ and provide well-researched, quality solutions. We are dedicated to creating a personalised system to meet, and often exceed, all your personal criteria; a system that’s in complete harmony with the ambience and décor of your home, whether your preference is for traditional or minimalist interiors.

The perspective we offer is informed, professional and pragmatic. Based on our awareness of current and emerging technologies, it is supported by the practical knowledge of our installers’ many years of experience. The value added benefit of our approach is defined by the integrity and quality of the system installed.

Company Director John Canham began his career in the recording studios of London in the early 1980s. He has applied his knowledge of studio sound, coupled with the practical skills of setting up and managing a recording session, to enhance the musicality and attention to detail of the systems Cloud9 install. A small sample of music John has worked on, either as recording/ mixing engneer or as a guitarist, is below -