This section answers some of the more common questions that we are asked. We hope that it is of help to you, but if there is something specific you'd like to know please contact us, our project managers have lots of experience and love to talk about it !

We will spend all the time you need discussing the options available, drawing up a list of the functionality that you are looking to achieve, and demonstrating equipment until you are happy and confident in your choice.

Using proven Ethernet based control systems any component of your system can be controlled, monitored and accessed via your own personal password protected web site or mobile device/ iPad. A telephone interface gives another method of access with voice prompts offering menus and command verification.

Our priority is to take the complexity out of technology, providing you with a powerful yet intuitive and simple to use system.

Unlike old-fashioned speaker distribution systems which sapped the power from your audio system, new systems can provide balanced line (a recording studio technique for long cable runs) audio to each area, or high quality power amplifier/ speaker cable systems, both of which provide the best possible audio quality throughout.

Designing the system that’s right for you, and your budget, is our priority. Few systems are the same, because only rarely do our clients have the same priorities. Suffice to say that, in general, these systems have become more financially accessible over recent years, to the extent that in our experience, the price of an entry level system in an average sized family property will start at about the same price you’d pay for a good quality new kitchen.

We can arrange to match the colour of the system control panels with your wall covering so it compliments rather than compromises your interior design. If installing lighting control then any conventional switch style can become the lighting system interface. In other instances, wireless handsets offer a good solution.

The system can play back your regular lighting and blind usage to give the impression of occupancy. Linking the lighting system to your security system can turn all house and garden lights on full if there is a breach. Movement detection cameras can be set to record movement and email this as a small movie direct to the police within minutes. The system can dial out to pre-selected phone numbers with a pre-recorded message.

We mainly work in London and the South East but do occassionally carry out work further north.

Most systems require only a structured data network, common to most working environments - if cables do need to be run, there are usually ways of doing this creatively and discreetly.

The Video Wall technology we use is capable of displaying, for example on a 3x3 wall, different sources on each of the 9 screens, or any combination down to one source on all screens.

Yes - Crestron control systems offer a few different solutions for this, depending on the size of the system. We tend to implement this facility as standard.

Some equipment can not be controlled, however we have written many control modules for equipment that was previously not supported - these include the Dornbracht 'Smart Water' range and the Sonos music player - we wrote etherent control modules for both of these.

We understand the pressures of keeping the business working, uninterrupted - we are very happy to accommodate out of hours work however, the price does increase with this.

We have installed Video Walls, Kitchen Showrooms' lighting and smart glass control, Hedge Fund Trading floors' video media distribution, Boardroom and Meeting room systems, Bathroom showrooms, Data wifi networks and many more. Please contact us if you wish to know more.