Services for the Homeowner

Whether incorporating a system into your current home, refurbishing, renovating, undertaking a self-build project or simply taking advantage of an existing pre-wired system, every client’s requirements of a system differ substantially. Whatever you’re looking to achieve, we will explore your ideas and expectations at length in order to design, recommend and deliver a system that will suit you now and for years to come.

Whilst our clients reflect a variety of backgrounds, valuing quality time at home is something they all share in common. Whether you want to live in a hi-tech environment, or have a preference for period detail, we help you create a system that works with and for you, both now and into the future.

At our initial contact meeting we discuss your requirements and work with you to understand your aims, establish criteria and scope out how you want the system to work for you. We follow this with a proposal that includes a system overview, detailed room-by-room project description and itemised quote (encompassing drawings, design, project management, programming, equipment specification and labour), a project schedule and an outline of works. We review the proposal together to refine ideas and focus on aspects that are priorities for you and accommodate any necessary amendments.

As a skilled systems integrator, we will manage the installation to ensure it runs with minimum disruption. Once engaged on a project, our expertise in installing and commissioning systems of excellence comes to the fore. We take care of all the details, working seamlessly alongside other contractors (electricians, builders etc) to ensure that the project runs smoothly, from preparation of site (wiring, termination etc) and project management services (testing, monitoring etc) to provision of equipment (staged to suit project) and completion on site (delivery of programming, documentation and training etc).

As well as whole-home systems, we also undertake single room installations such as dedicated home cinemas.

Contact us now to start enjoying the beauty of an inter-connected home and lifestyle.